man horrified of bedbugs

At the risk of adding insult to injury – face it, life in today’s fast lane is not easy for anyone.

Every morning upon waking, your mind automatically kicks into gear and races through the multitude of necessary chores and responsibilities to get through the day.

You pray your alarm goes off in time to be showered and dressed early enough to: wake the kids, feed and take the dog for a walk, and slam down a cup of “coffee”. Then referee the kids as they fight over the bathroom sink, get the kids ready for school, make breakfast, pack lunches, gather homework, fill backpacks with the right items for each child and collect the items you need for work. At that juncture, you hope to leave the house in time so that you do not wind up in a gridlock of traffic so all get to their destinations on time.

That being the first part of the day, leaves many people exhausted before their head then races to the reality of that 9:00 AM board meeting, receipts that need to be gathered for your accountant, Billy’s softball practice at four o’clock, Carolyn’s dentist appointment at 6:00 PM and your elderly parent that needs visiting! I am sure that many of you can relate and add much more to that list each day. It is no wonder so many of us are walking zombies suffering from sheer exhaustion and confusion.

To top it off, your son comes home from school with a letter stating bed bugs have been found in a backpack of a child in their school and to make sure you check your children’s backpacks and rooms. You swallow deep as you make the correlation of those mysterious marks on Billy’s arms that you honestly thought was mosquito bites from late night baseball games. You drop your head into your hands and want to cry as you know how expensive this little “bed bug endeavor” may cost you.

Bed bugs are, sorry to say, popping up everywhere and eliminating them will just add more pressure, emotional disarray and not to mention costs, to your already, busy and costly life. Never once did you think that your family would suffer with bed bugs. Sad but true, more and more families are inflicted by bed bugs plaguing their homes, testing their emotions and draining their finances.

This very reason is why bed bug awareness is so imperative. Our future, whether or not we like it, includes bed bugs, as they become a common household pest just like fleas and flies or cockroaches.


The most important time to deal with a bed bug problem is from “introduction to discovery”. It is far easier and much less costly to eliminate a few bed bugs in one area than to wait until they build up into an infestation and spread.

One problem though, more often than not, people are not specifically looking for the signs of them because they do not know what to look for and some people have no reactions to the bites.

When this happens, months may go by where bed bugs have continued to get their regular blood meals required to continue to survive, breed, and lay eggs. These now hatch and birth yet more that, in as short as twenty one to thirty six days, you now have new colonies of breeding bed bugs.

Meanwhile, family members may be bringing bed bugs attached to articles of clothing or personal items to where ever they go, spreading them even further to other unsuspecting families. It becomes a vicious circle, which leads to repeated eliminations attempts and high costs for most.


The most important step in eliminating bed bugs is identifying and confirming and human visual inspection can be unreliable. Because of the bed bugs’ minuscule size and elusive nature to hide in inaccessible location, even the most experienced pest control specialists may not be able to detect a low-level amount.

Furthermore, it takes a tremendous amount of time, and often, rooms and furniture needing disassembling in order to find them. Do not let this be your problem! As a simple solution to the case above, bringing in a detection dog would be the most affordable, best time constraint and smartest thing to do. They would be able to detect whether bed bugs are present in their home/office/school and pinpoint the areas where they are. This helps people immediately seek elimination of bed bugs from the area and stop the spreading of them.

If you don’t find bed bugs early and you allow an infestation to build, a professional bed bug treatment can cost you thousands of dollars, depending upon the size of the infestation and dwelling. That is more money and headache than the average person can afford.

The professionals at MassBedBugBusters with their progressive approach have developed a proactive bed bug program for their customers that put you at ease for detecting early signs of bed bugs. Their professionally trained dogs find live bed bugs and eggs in the early stages for quicker and more accurate results.

If their team detects bed bugs, they will do a thorough inspection to find bed bug evidence.

Having a bed bug dog team come in regularly is like having an alarm system BEFORE someone breaks into your home. Don’t wait until after bed bugs build up before you find them!

If should suspect possible bed bugs, a small investment upfront will certainly save you money comapred to a large infestation in the future. Many apartment complexes, hotels and businesses are now having bed bug detections dogs come in every four to six months to find those bed bugs that people do not find.

An ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of protection! Call MassBedBugBusters today!