Protecting Against Bed Bugs at Work


Bed bugs are showing up at more companies than ever before.


Because the cost of exterminating bed bugs is so high, many people cannot afford the services of a professional.


Those that are struggling with bed bugs at home, are bringing them to work on their jackets and personal items.


If an employee places their jacket or sweater on the back of their chairs, they can crawl off and visit a nearby employee’s station or desk.


The unsuspecting co-worker now brings them home and hasn’t a clue they fell victim to bed bugs.


This is why we suggest inspecting for bed bugs often. One never knows where they will get them.


Protection While at Work


If you happen to work in a closed environment of offices or stations, you must be aware of the possibilities.


During the fall and winter, people bring in excessive amounts of protective clothing.


We suggest bringing along a self-sealing bag to place your items in while at work.


These items may include, computer bags, lunch packs, backpacks, purses, jackets or coats, scarves and gloves, hats and boots.


You can even get a garment bag to place items in and hang it away from the work stations for the day.


Placing your street shoes in a bag is also a good idea to protect items that you would wear while getting back into your car.


Bring along a change of shoes or slippers to wear and change out of when you leave work.


You certainly wouldn’t want to transfer them to your car.


Many people take the subway (which by the way, is another place bed bugs are showing up), so you must be careful how you undress when you get home.


Protecting Against Bed Bugs at Work


Get your boss involved! He or she has to flip the bill if bed bugs show up. Have them buy Zappbug heaters. They come in different sizes.


Some set up a coat rack inside so employees can place their articles into it when they first show up at work.


This ensures that any bed bug hitchhikers that found their way in with an employee are destroyed and not allowed into the work environment.


How to Make Sure You Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home


This is how people wind up with bed bugs.


If they are not thinking when they get home, they remove their coats or jackets and toss them over a couch, chair or hang them in a hallway closet.


Backpacks are carried into kids rooms or kitchens.


Other personal items are laid on credenzas or tables close to the entrance door.


Shoes are taken off and left at the front door.


If in the event there were a bed bug or two on any of those items, they crawl off and follow the human scent and eventually make it to the couch or bedrooms.


This is all avoidable!


Change your clothing when you get home. Step into your shower to change and place clothing in a bag and take it directly to a hot dryer.


Run it for 35-40 minutes.


If kids have backpacks. Have them take out the contents (which you hopefully wrapped in individual sealed bags) and place them in the dryer as well.


These little precautions when you get home will help avoid bringing bed bugs into your home.


Again, you must think every time you leave and re-enter your home.


What if?


We can all be as careful as we can, but there may be the day when we forget or are too busy and an item with a bed bug gets through.


If you or anyone in your household is experiencing any bites, think bed bugs first.


Talking the time to investigate for bed bugs is the single best thing you can do to find them early.


Remember, the earlier you find them, the easier it is to get rid of them. You don’t want them building up into infestation levels.


We’re Always Here for You


Bed bugs are not always easy to find in the early stages. So, if you can’t find evidence, you can always reach out to us.


Our dogs are professionally trained to find the scent of live bed bugs.


A small amount spent up front is well worth the peace of mind you’ll get. An infestation will cost you a whole lot more in the end.


Companies and large families often benefit from our quarterly services. 508-713-8267


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