I often get calls from people who travel a lot and want peace of mind that their recent bites aren’t that of bed bugs.
So here is some advice for you travellers to protect yourself from bed bugs hitch-hiking with you back to your home:

You can protect your clothes by packing them in large plastic bags or washable mesh bags before putting them in your suitcase. When you return from a trip, put all of your clothes in the dryer immediately to kill bed bugs and their eggs.
In this gorgeous weather, you can put your luggage in a plastic bag and in your car positioned in plain sun.  The temps should reach more than 130 F in this weather and will kill any insects in your car, including bed bugs.
You can also spray  your luggage with alcohol, which also destroys bed bugs, and vacuum it but throw away the vacuum bag promptly outside.
For those of you who travel frequently, you may want to consider investing in a thermal container such as the PackTite thermal container that will hold your suitcase and kill bed bugs.  Click on my product page for a link to this product.

But if you want peace of mind, contact us here, and let our dogs find them for you.