Hello everyone.

Brrrrr!  Cold, snowy winter is finally here.  I kinda like this white, fluffy cold stuff.  My friend Malamar still does not know what to think of it.  She is funny when she goes out on the deck.  She lifts up carefully one paw at a time then considers where to “strategically” position it before carefully placing it down.  She looks like she does an awkward dance.

We worked a hotel  yesterday.  Nice and clean, except for a couple that hadn’t been cleaned yet.  I love those un-cleaned rooms.  Good food smells still linger and my immediate reaction when entering these rooms is to head straight for those smells.  My handler however takes no time to shake me out of my trance and command me to work.  I like those hotel rooms, because we just go from room to room and there is very little clutter and so we can be very efficient.  My friend Malamar agrees with me.