After a long hard day, we all look forward to laying our head on our soft pillows and drifting off into a rested night’s sleep. If you suspect bed bugs there is nothing more distressing than waking with symptoms of unknown and unwanted visitors in your bed.

How does all this happen?


It all starts with itchy bites for most (but not all). They sneak in their feeding moments in the middle of the night when you are sound asleep. Some people react to their bites and some don’t. The one’s who don’t, have a more serious problem because months can go by before they even think about checking for bed bugs and by then, they have grown into “infestation levels”.


This is the number one thing we hear the most. Unless you bring home a piece of furniture that you
didn’t check and it is seriously infested, when a single bed bug is first introduced, little if any signs are
found. But once you wake with itchy bites, it triggers an emotionally disturbing thought pattern where
peace of mind and a restful night’s sleep now becomes obsolete.

Obsessions with laundry and cleaning, constantly checking lint on clothing, bagging their life contents,
lack of concentration and buggy thoughts fill every-waking moment. They refuse having guests or
socializing, and are afraid to tell anyone for fear of being labeled or ostracized.


They remind me of “no see em’s”. (A teeny-tiny gnat that are like ghosts) unlike the bed bug, you
most certainly feel “no see em’s” ferocious bites, but just like a bed bug, you can’t find them. When
you first introduce a bed bug, the likelihood of finding it is usually slim, because of their superb way of
hiding in the most diminutive places, but as time goes by and infestations build, more and more signs
become visible. We can’t say it enough, it is always best to locate them as early as possible to avoid


In the past, if anyone had bugs of any kind on their person or in their beds, it triggered the assumption
that they were just dirty people. Not true – with bed bugs, it doesn’t matter how clean you are. You
don’t have the plague – They are after one thing that every human being has and that is – blood

You can be the best housekeeper and your home can be immaculate enough to eat off your flors,
but if a pregnant female bed bug happens to grab a ride home with you and settle in, before long, you
may be dealing with an infestation yourself. It can happen to anyone, so please be understanding to
others and don’t automatically “assume”.


For the past five years, we have been giving people back a restful night’s sleep and peace of mind.
When a person should wake with bites and can’t find the cause, we bring our dog team in and make
sure it isn’t bed bugs you are dealing with. However, if you do have them, our dogs will pinpoint the
area where they are, so you can take care of the problem before it escalates into infestations.


Large families are busy families, and when you have a revolving door of people and guests coming
and going it is wise to make sure a hitchhiker has not made it into your home. Our services include
regular inspections for families that have kids’ sleepovers, student’s home from campus or spouses
that travel a lot; we stay on top of it with regular inspections to make sure bed bugs were not brought
home from a recent trip or from work or school.

We also specialize in multi-unit properties keeping all your residents safe and bed bugs from spreading
with regular inspections.

We are always available to do complete inspections for businesses where workers bring them in from
home and spread them in the work environment.

Ask about our Lunch and Learn Program – we come in and train your whole staff and employee so
they too can stay on top of any bed bug issues before they get out of hand.

No matter what the need, you can always count on us to be there – giving you and yours – Peace of

We are always here to help!