Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!  We had a great one, I think.  Except that on Saturday early morning, my handler got both me and my friend Malamar up to do what?  3 jobs that day, mind you!  I was sooo thankful to my handler. GRRRR!

There was this one apartment that was sooo cluttered, I could not believe anyone could maneuver around without knocking something over.  But the tenant understood and asked me and my handler to do the best we can.

Then I went to this young couple’s nice little rented home in Winchester, MA.  They were in the process of moving in and wanted to make sure there was not an existing low-level infestation.  It was nice inspecting that house for bed bugs, because the rooms were nice and clean and empty.  The people were so nice to me, I felt like staying with them.  I wouldn’t need to work anymore and certainly they would not wake me up on a Saturday morning after Thanksgiving.