Inspected a couple of rooms in the Altzheimer’s wing of this Senior retirement and care facility near Billerica MA.  We also were tasked to inspect a hallway with some chairs and couches as well as a living/TV room area.
According to the executive director, a nurse had found on 2 occasions within a short timespan a bed bug crawling on this poor old woman’s clothing, once in her room and once in the hallway on the couch.
The inspection resulted in no alerts, which brought a huge sigh of relief for the executive director.   However,  she wanted to know what else she could do to prevent an infestation from going out of control.
I suggested to have a candid talk with the family of this elder woman as most likely someone in the family keeps bringing in bedbugs when visiting. And to offer to have an inspection of their home conducted as well as have their home treated if needed, all of this at the expense of the facility. Think about it!  In the end, the facility will save a lot of money getting to the source of the problem and helping with the cost of treatment rather than wait for an infestation to get out of control.
I was pleased to see that she wholeheartedly agreed with me.