If you are concerned about your kids having been exposed to bed bugs at the summer camp , here are some advice:
– Open the child’s luggage outside or in your garage, empty all content in a plastic bag that is well secured.
– Then and only then bring it to the washmachine and empty the bag’s content in it.
– Hot-water wash and put your child’s bedding and clothing in the dryer for at least 40 minutes.
– Another method is to place all your child’s bedding
& clothing into a black plastic garbage bag, secure it well, then put it out in the hot sun  for a day as heat can kill this pest.
– Do the same with the luggage and shoes: put them in a plastic bag, secure it tightly and leave it outside during a hot day, all day.
– Examine your child for any bites that have a white-appearance with a red dot.  Also watch for complaints of
intense itching.  Remember that on average, half of the people do not react to bed bug bites.
– Contact your family physician if any of these
symptoms occur.
And if you want peace of mind or want to lower treatment costs dramatically, consider our K9 bed bug scent detection services.  Call now at 508-713-8267