Performed a bed bug dog inspection in Danvers, MA yesterday at an assisted living home – topnotch place but what a labyrinth!  People were so nice!  They wanted to pet me but I had a job to do first.  All these people followed me and waited in the hallway for my inspection results.  The pressure was on, I woof you.

They were so happy when I told them they were clear.  The heat treatment by callFreedomPestControl really worked mint on one of the units.

They took several pictures of me and them and my handler.  She was pleased, but I was hungry.  I got a measley little no-good-for-nothing treat. Show me the scoobies!!!!

Then we arrived in Dorchester in the afternoon for another 3 -decker bed bug inspection job.   The landlord was sooooo considerate.  He wanted to make sure that the bed bugs did not travel from the infested 3rd floor down to the other 2 floors.  He had had the chemical treatment done on the 3rd floor and yet opted to have the heat treatment performed as well – by callFreedomPestControl, mind you.  These people are everywhere and they are so professional.
I still keep thinking of this landlord – what a considerate guy.  The tenants should be so lucky.  I wish they had left some crumbs and left-overs on the floor, but they kept the place so neat.  I swear I would have eaten a bed bug if I came across one.