Learning how to travel the world without bed bugs isn’t really as hard at it seems. You just have to be aware and prepared. We’ve got some “bed bug travel tips” so you don’t bring home bed bugs.


Holiday Bed Bug Problems


November through January are the busiest holiday travel months of the year. Whether you’re visiting family or friends, or flying off to an exotic get-a-way, you can’t forget to protect your belongings.

Many travelers pick up bed bugs but unfortunately, they normally don’t know that they did. You can get them traveling on a bus, train, airplane, taxis, limousine, rental car or other means. Or, you can pick them up on your luggage while staying at a hotel.  And, you might stay at a family or friends home, where they may or may not realize they have them.


How Bed Bug Infestations “Happen”


It’s often “after the fact” that people suspect a problem. Normally, exhausted from traveling you set your luggage on the bedroom floor. A few days may pass before you get around to unpacking.

Meanwhile, if you picked up a spare traveler, the bed bug crawls off and enters your bed ready to get its next meal.


Dinner Time


Now suppose you began getting little bites but thought nothing of it because occasionally we all get a little bite here and there. Then if the bites continue, you blame it on the cat or dog that must have fleas. However, time is passing and the bed bug (if it’s a female), may be laying eggs. The eggs start to hatch in 7 to 10 days, yielding more bed bugs to feed on you or your family. Bed bugs are never late for dinner.


Realization of Bed Bugs


Not always, even when changing your sheets and checking your mattress and box springs will you notice early stages of bed bugs. They love to hide where you wouldn’t suspect and couldn’t see if you tried. At this point, if you don’t confirm that you have them by means of a scent detection dog team, several breeding stages may happen before you actually find any of their signs. (Fecal stains, blood smears, cast skins)


Occurrence vs. Infestation


One bed bug is not considered an “infestation” and is much easier to eliminate than an infestation is (if you can find it). However, after around eight weeks, you’ve got a substantial enough amount to be considered an early infestation.


How NOT to Bring Bed Bugs Home


You have to realize that bed bugs can’t enter your home without someone bringing them in. (It’s different with multi-unit dwellings)


Picking Out Luggage


Soft fabric duffel bags make great traveling companions. These can be thrown into the dryer when returning from a trip.


Before You Travel – Bed Bug Travel Tips


Invest in some large or jumbo self-sealing bags. Separate and pack all your clothes in them before you place them in your luggage. You’ll be living out of bags, but will protect your articles from bed bugs infiltrating them. You can do the same for your toiletries. Bring along a couple extra bags for soiled clothing and if you should buy something or receive a gift that you want to protect.

If you’re traveling by car, wrap your luggage in large trash bags and twist tie them before placing them in your trunk. More bed bug travel tips.

When You Get Home


Step into your shower or bath tub and change out of your clothing. Place clothing directly into washer or dryer.

DO NOT BRING YOUR LUGGAGE INTO YOUR HOME. You’ll be unpacking in the garage or outside. I like to grab up colored clothing and go directly to start laundry. Basically, check everything before you bring it into your home. And if you can’t unpack because its late, leave it all packed up until you can the next day.

To learn a step by step packing procedure and a guaranteed not to bring home bed bugs – Get the book written by the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA)Bed Bugs Travelers Handbook 

Bed Bug Travel Book

Bed Bug Travel Book

So, instead of wondering and searching the internet for ways to get rid of bed bugs or trying to find out what kills bed bugs, pack proactively before your trip.

And if you suspect at any time that you may have brought in a bed bug from other places or maybe a guest brought one in, reach out to us. We are always here to give you that peace of mind.

 Bed Bug Scent Detection Dog


For close to a decade, we’ve been helping people find bed bugs early so treatment is kept to a minimum and you don’t suffer through months of trying to find them.

Bed Bug Extermination Costs


We all need to realize that bedbugs have become a way of life and will be as common as a fly in years to come. Learning about your risks and being proactive will save you from expensive bed bug extermination costs.

Meanwhile, have a safe, blessed holiday, enjoy your families and friends and stay healthy!

All my best,