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I often ask:  If it was raining and you saw a sign that says, “Flash Flood Zone Ahead”, would you turn around or try to go through it?On the other hand, would you drive right up to it to see if the sign was correct? You would be surprised how many people try it because they don’t believe or want to be put out of their way by taking a detour.

There are signs all over Texas, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”. Each year the casualties grow from people who “think” the sign holds no meaning for them. In a sinking moment, they then realize the sign just might have more meaning than they thought.

Bed bugs are becoming more of an unpleasant fact. They have outgrown metro cities and are now flooding into rural communities, drowning people in emotional and financial debt. The problem with this is, that there are still many people who don’t take it seriously.

Sure, learning about bedbugs is not high on anyone’s “things to do list”, but the fact remains that if you should encounter bed bugs and don’t understand them, the likelihood is you will spend way too much of your time and money doing all the wrong things to get rid of them. In addition, let’s not forget about the possibility of you spreading them.

Early Detection Is Everything And Education Gets You There!

For the past six years, MassBedBugBusters has been helping people find bed bugs hidden away in their homes with our trusted detection dogs. We always make it a point to spend time with each of our clients teaching them heads-up lessons about bed bugs so they don’t have to go through it again.
It is common for people to say, “I knew about bed bugs but I didn’t think they would ever happen to me!” Unfortunately, no one is immune to them and can happen to you no matter how clean you are and how careful you may be.

This spring, as the weather warms up and people start enjoying more of the outdoors, we will experience yet another formidable growth pattern in bed bugs, of which people need to become aware.
Spring break often transports bed bugs home with students as they travel, only to leave them behind with unsuspecting parents.

Even if we had big bold signs laced across cites saying, “Watch out for Bed Bugs or Bed Bug Crossing”, people would still push it to the limits so as not to allow a silly sign disrupt their lives. Now, if the signs also stated what they are, how you get them, what the signs of bed bugs are and especially what not to do if you do get them, maybe more people would take heed.

However, we all know that’s not going to happen.

In our best effort to assist in this vital and important education, MassBedBugBusters would like to help you by coming to your place of business and providing an educational study and review so that you will not be blindsided when you should encounter bed bugs. We will even teach you plenty of methods for prevention.

For those who plan any travels this spring and summer, or those who have students returning from school during spring break, we can help evaluate your travels, vocation risks and lifestyles to protect you against bringing bed bugs back to your homes.

We can help you assess and calculate your risks and develop a plan to keep you free from bed bugs ever creeping into your life and taking over. In addition, for those who think they may have a problem but are unsure, we can always bring our dogs in to inspect or help you monitor the situation.

For businesses that have many staff coming and going, we have a solid program that will keep you from ever having an “infestation” in your building.  We have solutions for those who work in healthcare facilities, doctors’ offices or hospitals. And for owners and managers of apartment complexes, we can show you a proven strategy that will knock down any “infestations” to “occurrences” only while putting money back in your ROI.

Turn Around – Don’t Drown, Bed Bugs Ahead!

A little vigilance goes a long way. The price you pay for not being vigilant can be more than you can handle. With what we offer, there really isn’t an excuse to ever have bed bugs take over.
Whatever your concern may be, feel free to reach out to us for help.

MassBedBugBusters is a proud Ambassador Member of The International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA)

IBBRA Bed Bug Awareness Month