We hear it all the time, every year, right after the rush of the holiday dies down – “I think I might have bed bugs, how do I get rid of them? OR my cousin visited me for Christmas and didn’t tell me that she had bed bugs at home, do I have them now?”

Yet, had you spoken to these people before they got bed bugs, it would go a little more like this – “It will NEVER happen to me, I’m not worried about a little bug, I am a clean person. I live in a nice neighborhood. I do not travel or stay in hotels. I do not hang around people who have “bugs”.

Tell that to the person who brought bed bugs home from a recent holiday visit and did not know it. Because he does not react to the bite of a bed bug, he now has a couple of generations hiding in his apartment. He just happens to work in an office building on the fifth floor where bed bugs crawled off his jacket into their six person cubicles. Let the “spreading begin”.

Spreading Good Cheer

Christmas holidays are busy times where people come and go in a hurry and no one has time to think about bed bugs. That is when it happens – when you least expect it. Bed bugs spread through contact. They don’t jump or fly but can crawl and are proficient ramblers and roamers.

Maybe one of your children had an overnight stay at a friend and a bed bug or two (without knowing) invaded their backpack or pillow. On the other hand, your college student may have brought them home from their dorm. You may have found your “bed bug treasure” at a garage sale or secondhand store the last time you shopped. Maybe a guest you had at your Christmas cocktail party had some on their coat, which was conveniently piled on your bed with many others. As you can see, there are endless possibilities and places where one can encounter bed bugs and if you are not being proactive – you need to.

People always wait until “after” they get bed bugs

Bed bugs are not only a hotel item; they have infiltrated homes and apartments throughout our nations, all kinds of businesses, emergency vehicles and fire stations, stores, schools, libraries and just about every transportation vehicle. Wherever people gather and socialize, bed bugs can be found.

Once a person has experienced bed bugs, they normally never want to deal with them again and it is at this time that they become very conscience and develop a proactive approach to bed bugs.

Bed Bug Prevention

Is it possible to prevent bed bugs? You bet ya you can! Will your plan work in every instance? Maybe not, but if you have taken the time to understand the nature and signs of bed bugs you will know with certainty long before it becomes a large infestation. The most important fact of having bed bugs is finding them as early as you can. Once allowed to reproduce they grow into infestation levels which are much harder to get rid of.

Reactive vs. Proactive

Reactive means, you act “after” you get them and then you do something about it. In the case of bed bugs, you will want to kick yourself for being “reactive”.

Proactive means, you act “before” something happens. It means you should anticipate bed bugs, educate and prepared for it, check often and take action immediately.

Like anything in life, there are learning curves and bed bugs happen to be one of them. Sadly, there are people who choose not to listen.

Don’t find out that you have bed bugs a month down the line when bed bugs have an opportunity to lay eggs and possibly lead to an infestation. Mass Bed Bug is offering a $25.00 discount this January for those who want to find out “if” they picked up a hitchhiker during the holiday season.

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