Hello my fans!

Been busy, me and Malamar.  Housing authority jobs  in RI, private homes in Dorchester, bids to fill out for huge high-tech companies (by my boss, of course) but I woof! – dictated to her the content ’cause I am an A-type dog – it’s a beagle-trait!
Whhheeeyyy! I’m exhausted!
My pal Malamar just came back from a job in Andover.  Private residence.  “Charming people”, she whoof-ed me (she told me in dog’s parlance!).  Nice house, lots of room to go around and sniff out things.  I really wish to have more of these kinds of jobs.

Yesterday, I sniffed-out 11 units and Malamar did too somewhere in Brockton.  She couldn’t get into 2 of the units because they had been sprayed 2 weeks ago and it takes 30 days from the last treatment before I or Malamar can go back in and not be adversely affected by the pesticides.  It is amazing that people have no idea how sensitive our olfactory cells are until  my boss tells them and then they understand, so it’s a matter of educating people.  Malamar and I agree that  we want to socialize with people right before the job, but my boss has strict orders:  Perform first, reward next!
I whoof you!  She is tough!  Contact us here!