So, this lady called in panic yesterday and off the cuff asked me about pricing.
I asked her what she was looking for and she explained that she is freaked out about bed bugs.  Her daughter is having mysterious bites, in a row, mind you.
I asked her if she had been anywhere lately.  She had been to New York city for a short trip herself last week, but her daughter did not.  Nothing un-usual about her daughter’s day-to-day activities.
So, we talked about how some people may feel the bites while others may not at all.
Then along the course of the conversation, I told her about my K9 prep instructions of which I have a copy on my website.  One specific question was whether she has pets, to which she responded that yes he has recently acquired a dog.  And that he might have fleas!  Aha!  This is a very big clue.

Upon further investigation, she had not seen a vet yet since she got the dog.

So here was my advice to her:  Before she wastes any money on a dog inspection and/or un-necessary treatment, that she ought to eliminate the possibility of a flea infestation.  I have had dogs my whole life and I know how fleas can bite and itch.

If the verdict is negative for fleas, then we should resume the conversation.
She was indeed very thankful for the advice.
We, at Mass Bed Bug Busters, are not interested in conducting a bed bug inspection for the sake of it.  We do indeed try to qualify clients first.  But if you want peace of mind, call us at 508-713-8267 or e-mail us here.