One of the easiest and least expensive ways to know the early signs of bedbugs, i.e. peppered dotted feces, blood smears, shed skins or if you are lucky: plain live bed bugs, is to wash your sheets regularly.
This way you can determine if these evidences keep re-appearing every week rather than second-guessing whether they are old or new.
Also, for that same reason, we highly recommend to buy white or light-colored sheets.
Finally, safeguard your bedding by encasing them with bedbug-safe mattress and box spring encasements that are escape and bite-free.
This way, you entrap any bugs that already live in your bedding and you are able to easily find any evidence of bed bugs that were not in your bedding but eventually will venture out to feast on you. It is so much easier to find them on the encasements than when embedded in your boxspring or mattress.
And if you think you found some evidence then our bed bug dog inspectors are very adept at verifying your suspicions, determine if other rooms in your home harbor these elusive and cryptic bedbugs and give you peace of mind. And that’s priceless!