This is a common question I am asked.

If you discover you have bed bugs in your home, please don’t resort to DIY methods of eradicating those little buggers.
Most over-the-counter pesticides are not designed for bed bugs and even though they may kill them on contact, most likely will they cause the bed bugs to spread.
You need a professional pest control company to control bed bugs because these people have acquired knowledge and experience in finding all the potential infested sites and in using the latest tools to eliminate infestations.

But the professionals will need your help in eliminating your bed bug problem.  So here is what you can do:
Vacuum your mattress and box spring and couch or armchair or whatever item you found the bed bug on.  Empty the vacuum bag in the trash bag, tie it shut, and discard it outside in a trash container or dumpster.
Eliminate clutter, because clutter is a bed bug’s best friend.  It is harder for a pest control technician to treat all cluttered areas that might harbor adult bed bugs and worse yet, live eggs.
Do not store anything under the bed, as this is a bed bug’s favorite hiding area and thus provides more items to hide in.
– Launder your bed lines regularly in hot water.  These should be dried in the hot cycle.
Wrap your mattress and box spring in encasements.  Click here for a link to purchase these items.  If there are any bed bugs in your mattress or box spring, they will then be trapped in there and eventually die.  Also, these encasements are bite- proof, meaning the bed bugs cannot bite you through them.  New bed bugs ca no longer hide in those areas and you will thus be able to easily spot them and remove them.
– Also, and this is difficult to digest, do not change where you sleep or move out of the house temporarily.  If you move to your couch or another sleeping area, the bed bugs will find you.  If you move out of the house, you risk transferring them to this new area.
Do not throw away infested items.  Again, you will only manage to spread the problem.
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