The very thought of having a bed bug infestation can bring chills down anyone’s spine.Because bedbugs are parasites, they can affect anyone that has blood. It’s how you deal with them that will make the difference in whether you get rid of them or not.  However, how do you know how to deal with a bug you are not familiar with? Where did they come from, where are they hiding, how many are there – THIS is the biggest problem running rampant today regarding bed bugs.  So here’s the truth about bed bugs that you should know.


People think bed bug control is like any other bug. BIG mistake, this is not a one size fits all bug! The truth about bed bugs is that if you don’t know what you’re doing – DON’T DO ANYTHING!

Learning the truth about bedbugs will save you from sleepless nights and spending lots of money. Having bedbugs doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  You will see how much simpler the process of eliminating bed bugs is once you learn more about it.

Finding accurate information on your own particular bedbug situation can be challenging enough, but most important is knowing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to bed bug removal.
With bed bugs, there are so many “it depends on” situations and one can get confused. Upon the discovery of a possible bedbug infestation, most people run to the Internet for answers.


The stigma around bed bugs is so overwhelming that it literally reduces people to tears. Often callers, sobbing in tears, will announce they found a bed bug. They think that just because they found one that they must be everywhere and that they have to start throwing their furniture and everything else away.

The truth is one bed bug does not constitute an “infestation”. They read that if one finds one bed bug they must have more. Not in all cases. You may have brought only one hitchhiker home and were lucky enough to have found it; and yet on the flip side, you may have found one out of a colony of them.


In a panic, people reach out for an immediate treatment solution before knowing how many bed bugs they have or where they have them. If you only have them in one room, it makes no sense to treat a whole home or business. We have seen this happen in schools and some businesses where they found one bug and shut down the school or sent all employees home for a complete treatment. It’s a waste of money.


In some cases when finding out bed bug extermination costs from a certified bed bug exterminator, people quickly turn to do-it-yourself bed bug removal methods online and purchase bed bug killers. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t work because bed bugs have built up resistance to them. Can you get rid of bed bugs yourself? Sure, but you’d better know what you are doing first!

When bed bugs have built up over months and people are experiencing bed bug bites nightly they may have scattered into other areas of the home. In this case, the game changes and we recommend to put a strategy in place for proper inspection and bed bug removal.


In early stages, bed bugs form dense, hidden aggregations in small spaces where no amount of human inspection or hand searching can reveal them. While no bed bug inspection can be 100% accurate, the use of our trained K-9 inspection teams provides the most accurate means of detection available.

Some companies may do visual inspections and have a vested interest in whether they find bed bugs in your home. Above all, even professionals often mistake many other insects for bed bugs. If they do find bed bugs or say they found them, ask them to show you proof. Then they can now hand you an estimate for a treatment. Most bed bug exterminators will only do whole home treatments and have their reason for that.


Do you have bed bugs? How many do you have and where are they hiding? Knowing these facts up front will help in getting rid of bed bugs before an infestation can build.

We provide regular inspection services that will give you peace of mind so you don’t have to be blindsided by an infestation. Remember, the earlier you find bed bugs and their hiding places, the easier it is to get rid of bed bugs so let us help you!
Learning how to get rid of bed bugs isn’t hard if you know what you are doing. Ask us for bed bug educational materials. We have an array of materials to help you understand the bed bug, learn your own personal risks,  prevent bed bugs from entering your home and educate you in the best processes of getting rid of bedbugs.


Bed bugs are becoming a way of life just like fleas and flies. However, there is no excuse for bed bug infestations. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to discover them early. When found early, sometimes a simple program of vacuuming and steaming is all you need to get rid of them.  With regular dog inspections, we can help you find them early so you don’t have infestations. Live your lives as you always do, but check for signs of bed bugs on a regular basis; this will help to avoid the emotional, mental and financial consequences of bedbug infestations.