With our “not so recent anymore” resurgence of bed bugs, they have proven themselves to be one of the creepiest pests of modern day. From their exquisite hiding talents to proficient ways of hitching a ride, and let’s not ignore their unbelievable abilities to play hide and seek that cause them to go unnoticed for great periods; these bugs are quickly filling the homes and businesses of unsuspecting people.

Because bed bug bites are painless as they feed on their unwary sleeping hosts, unless you should get a reaction from the bite, people normally have no recollection of where or when it happened. They could have been being bitten for weeks but never paid attention.

When bed bugs are first introduced to a premise the evidence of having them may be very limited. The longer they go unnoticed and with regular blood meals, they continue to reproduce. Before long, because they are sloppy housekeepers, you’ll find plenty of evidence including eggs, cast skins and fecal stains leading to a more serious infestation if not addressed quickly enough.

Although occasional news media or TV broadcasts draw attention to these pests, most do not take it seriously enough to think that they may be the next victim. When it should happen to them, it is then that an overwhelming shrewd reality hits them in the face.

Astonishingly, there are people who still think they are absolved of ever getting bed bugs. “Don’t think you’re kind of special; bed bugs love anyone who has blood”.

“Early Detection Is Everything and Education Gets You There!”

A few years back, a book covering the basics of bed bugs called Think like a Bed Bug entered the market. The book is 32 short pages, written in simple non-technical language. It helps people know where they can get them, what to look for, what to do if they get them and especially what not do to.

Over the years, thousands of these books have been given away in order to help people acknowledge bed bugs before they become “infested”. Precisely, “before an infestation”; more people would understand that they honestly do not have to pay thousands of dollars out of their pockets if they are aware and catch them early.

However, why is it that most people will shrug off learning and wait until they get bed bugs before they get it? I call this learning the “hard way”. To me it is like waiting until after your house or business is broken into before you get an alarm system installed. It really takes a simple concentrated effort of assuming a possible problem before it happens, being proactive and not reactive.

Don’t shrug off the possibilities of bed bugs and go through a painful, expensive experience. Call MassBedBugBusters for an inspection as soon as you suspect a problem.

MassBedBugBusters teach people to be proactive and anticipate the possibility before it happens. We often go into apartment complexes before units are rented and search surrounding units to make sure there are no bed bugs. This helps to assure the owner that their units are clear of bed bugs before they allow the next renter to move in.

As a service, MassBedBugBusters provides regular inspections and exceptional education to help property owners stay out of the “blame game” and keep them from being sued by tenants.

They provide Three Types of K9 Inspections

•           Proactive: Prevents infestations and finds the problem before your guests or tenant do

•           Targeted:  Confirmation for a problem in suspected areas

•           Post-Treatment: To ensure effective treatment results

Call us for bed bug education and full staff education as well as individual home or business inspections. 20.00 Off for the month of February 2015