Been busy lately.  Sorry for not keeping you posted.  Today my handler went to the Business Expo in Worcester.  She left us for what seemed to be a long time alone, me and my new partner Malamar.  I bayed so hard when she came back.  Oh! I love her so much, woooo woooo woooo….

She generated lots of leads at the Expo, yeah!  I get to sniff out more bed bugs with my new partner.  She is great!  Not quite a beagle, though.  She is a wannabe beagle, yeah right!, what we call a JackaBe, meaning a Jack Russel with some beagle blood mixed in.  Nice try! But she ain’t a beagle, hee..hee.

I love her though, we are equally strong and stubborn,  I have to admit.  I tried to be her superior but she jumps so high, I can’t compete with that!  She sniffs those bed bugs just as well as I do – damn it!  But I am so glad to have company AND she keeps me in shape.  That dog never quits- she’s hyper.  I have already lost a lot of weight because of her- she keeps me agile and fit.  We wrangle a lot but that’s a lot of fun!
Oh! Check out this interview my handler did today with Datechguy at the Business Expo