Yes, indeed!  Can’t tell you which reputable, world-renowned resort is having problems with bed bug infestations because I swore my client I would not divulge the name of it.  It turns out that she went to this resort on vacation a month or so ago and her son got bitten all over his little body.
Upon returning back home, she called the resort to find out if they had had a problem with bed bugs on the room they were in.
2 weeks later, the resort confirmed the bed bug infestation.
The rest is history.  We got a phone call to K9- inspect her home that day.
Fortunately, neither dogs alerted.  It was interesting to learn that the resort had requested that 2 independent canine inspections be performed within a week from each other.  They paid of course for all the charges, the travel costs, lodging and then some to their clients.I could tell you more but it would have to be in dog language.   They really don’t want humans to know…