The days of “I didn’t know”, when it comes to bed bugs are slowly ending. With all the available bed bug information out there, there really is no excuse for not knowing that you have a Bed Bug Infestation
Many people state they never showed any signs of bites as an excuse and others say they are too clean to ever get bed bugs. Some say, I never shop secondhand stores and others say I don’t travel. All these impressions can be thrown out with the trash because none of those things matter when it comes to bed bugs.
There are so many conflicting statements on the internet that it is no wonder people are confused. In one article it says, bed bugs reports are down in New York City yet another says, in five years, the number of reported incidents in New York City increased from 500 to 10,000.
Don’t pull your guard down yet because bed bugs have continued to rise in numbers and are spreading into small cities and communities outside metro areas.
I just received a call from a woman who was pretty specific about telling me where she lives is many miles outside of any populated area. After a few minutes on the phone, she revealed the fact that several of her neighbors have them and has had them for over a year and now she believes she has them. Her biggest emotional fear came from the neighbor next door who she told me has been fighting the bed bug battle for over a year with little to no success in getting rid of them.
Not that she wanted to place blame, but she asked if bed bug Infested furniture was placed outside, could bed bugs crawl off and enter her home? I explained that bed bugs have been known to crawl off infested furniture leaned against properties and found their way back in, so with bed bugs I wouldn’t put anything past them. They are such talented little suckers that have only one thing in mind – to feed.
Surrendering to bed bugs infiltrating your life can only be done without regularly inspecting your surroundings. The importance of regular inspection can’t be overstated. The reasons are becoming evident each day as bed bugs are becoming more resilient against bug sprays
Articles such as the following are pointing out the reasons to make sure bed bug have not found their way into your home or business.
•Thick skinned bed bugs beat commonly used bug sprays
•Cuticle Thickening in a Pyrethroid-Resistant Strain of the Common Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius L. (Hemiptera: Cimicidae)
•RNA-Seq and molecular docking reveal multi-level pesticide resistance in the bed bug
The biggest problem we are facing is our common pesticides won’t be the go-to for bed bugs in the future and only through finding bed bugs early will stop from “infestations” building and having to turn to a pesticide for possible relief.
It seems that heat treatments are winning the battle for removal of infestations over pesticides and can be expensive beyond what the average family or business can afford.
We urge people to inspect their dwellings for signs of bed bugs regularly so that they are not caught off guard. Remember, it only takes a few months before bed bugs can get out of hand.
Some people think it is ridiculous to pay a bed bug inspection team to check their homes on a regular basis, but if you don’t and wind up having an Infestation, the cost for a team to inspect pales in comparison to the treatment.
MassBedBugBusters has been doing regular inspections for many prudent individuals for years and is here to help you discover bed bugs in their early stages before an Infestation can build.
It’s like closing a storm window before the storm. The weatherman tells you beware of a sudden downpour so you close the window and save your carpet, walls and furniture from potential damage. Same thing with bed bugs; the potential is always there and “if” you are not paying attention, damage can happen.
We are here to help you in any way we can. We have plenty of educational pamphlets, books, posters to display in businesses and multi-unit properties. And, we will come in and show a power point presentation to educate you and your staff or family.
You can always count on us!
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