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* Our bed bug detection dogs can perform an inspection much faster than a human can and they can do this without damage to furnishings and with minimum disruption to people’s life.  This makes the canine bedbug inspections especially well-suited for large commercial environments such as office buildings, day care center, movie theaters, dormitories etc.

* As far as accuracy is concerned,  they use their noses to “see” the bed bugs behind crevices, walls, outlets, under box springs and dark, remote places hidden from human viewing and thus inaccessible to inspectors. Click here to read this article that compares the bed bug detection dog vs. a human technician’s accuracy.

* Because our bed bug dogs localize sources of bedbug infestation, they eliminate the need to treat your entire premise.  Our dogs also help in reducing the use of pesticide by minimizing any hassle of standard broad-sweeping pest control treatments.

* Our bed bug detection dogs can search a typical hotel room in  5 minutes compared to a thorough visual inspection by an expert which might take more than 30 minutes. No need to dismantle anything, such as a thorough visual inspection would require. Again, that makes them more suitable, efficient and effective for large-scale inspections such as hotels, dormitories, libraries, multi-unit condo complexes.

* To keep our bed bug sniffing dogs fit and skilled, we train them every day, 365 days a year.  Our motto is “Train As You Work, Work As You Train”.  What this means is that we are simulating real-life situations at our training site as well as applying our learned experiences from training to on-site inspections.  Our dogs are seasoned performers and adaptable to most any situation.  They have been performing bed bug inspections for over 5 years in varied environments, commercial and residences.

* Our dogs are single-scent dogs.  This means they only got trained to identify bed bugs.  Not cock-roaches,  not carpet beetles, not any other insect.  In addition and as important, our dogs are trained to alert ONLY on live bedbugs, down to 1 live bed bug adult or 1 live bedbug egg.  Why would you want them to alert on dead bed bugs, shed skins or fecal matter?  Think about a post bed bug treatment inspection by our dogs. The whole purpose of it is to ensure that the bedbug treatment was effective.  The only way for our bed bug inspections to be effective is to make sure that our scent detection dogs ONLY alert to live bed bugs.  This is a fundamental requirement for a post-treatment K9 inspection. You spent all this money on treatment so you want to make sure the dogs ONLY alert to live bed bugs

* Just remember that if our dogs find a bed bug, there is a high probability that there are more bedbugs.  You want to make sure to get to the source of the infestation and this is why we encourage further investigation into adjacent rooms and units, including the unit on the floor above and the unit on the floor below.

* Our dogs are devoted to us, their handlers, and will work for food and love; they are trusted and honest partners. Our dogs are always ready to conduct a bed bug sniffing search just to please us.  We admire their tenacity and love them all the more.  We take good care of them and they know it.

Our bed bug detection dogs have undergone extensive training by the reputable Florida-based company called J & K Canine Academy, 1 of 2 facilities certified by NESDCA, the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Academy.

J & K Canine Academy is recognized as the “GOLD STANDARD”  in the entomology canine detection field providing a quality bed bug program with scientifically PROVEN RESULTS.

We are proud to have our teams of handler/dog certified by both NESDCA and IBBMA.
Both certifying agencies require dog and handler teams to locate and alert to live bedbugs and viable eggs only. Dead bed bugs, skin casts, other insects and odors are used as distractors and dogs must not false alert to these odors.

These certifications are based on the National Pest Management Association‘s “Best Practices” guidelines.

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