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The Most Hated Bug in the World Bed Bugs

Just ask anyone who’s ever had bed bugs. “What’s your most hated insect in the world?”

99% will say, Bed Bugs!

And for good reasons.

Bed bugs can infiltrate areas of the home or work where people have no idea that they have them.

You can get them anywhere that someone that has bed bugs traveled.

Some people may experience mysterious repeated bites and rashes that are often thought of as food or product allergies, mosquitoes and other things.

Because bed bugs were not very common for over 50 years, their existence is still not known to many.

Even after their past 20-year resurgence, some people still don’t know that they are on the rise.

Bed Bug Awareness

Did you know that most people purchase alarm systems “after” their homes are broken into?

The same with bed bugs.

What people need to know about bed bugs can fill a book, yet they normally don’t even worry about them.

It’s only after they are being bitten that they reach out to comb the Internet in search of what could be the problem.

Early Detection

It is well known, that the earlier you find or know you have bed bugs the easier it is to get rid of them.

The longer you have them, the more places they can occupy which makes eliminating them much harder.

The problem is, most people will not check often enough for the signs that bed bugs leave behind.

Common Bed Bug Signs:

Mysterious, itchy bites

  • Normally, the first sign of a potential bed bug problem is bites. Unfortunately, people mistake these bites for other bug bites [fleas, mosquitoes] or allergies.
  • One problem is, some people do not react to the bites of bed bugs.

Blood smears on bed linens and clothing

  • Bed bugs engorge themselves with blood when they feed.
  • This leaves their skin full and stretched.
  • Sometimes during sleeping, a person may roll over and squish the bug leaving a blood smear behind.

Shed skins

  • When bed bug eggs hatch, they have to grow through 5-stages of development before becoming a breeding adult.
  • Each of these stages leaves an outgrown skin behind.

Fecal stains

  • What goes in, must come out.
  • Bed bug will digest its blood meal, and poop.
  • These pin size black spots may be found on bedding but mostly found around the area which they harbor or hide.
  • People mistake these signs for mold or dirt.

Be Vigilant

Infestations do take time to develop but if you wait until they become “infestations”, the process becomes much harder.

  • Be aware of where you go.
  • Bed bugs can show up just about anywhere.
  • Avoid purchasing second-hand mattresses, bedding and clothing.
  • Think before you sit down in high traffic public areas. [Waiting rooms, Coffee Shops, Metro, Buses, Trains, Taxis, etc.]
  • Always check clothing, backpacks, purses or any carried items before bringing them into your car or home.
  • If you travel, pack carefully before your trip to avoid these hitchhikers.
  • Check for bed bug signs in areas where you rest or sleep often. [Especially if you are normally not affected by bug bites]
  • Understand bed bug Do’s and Don’ts  before you attempt any cleaning or elimination process.

If you suspect or even think you might have the beginning of a bed bug problem, we can’t recommend any stronger to find out now.

Powerful Advantages of Early Detection

  • Saves people from continued bites
  • Stops bed bugs from spreading
  • Reduce treatment areas
  • Saves on treatment costs
  • Peace of mind

Please reach out to us, not only for detection service, but for proper prevention education you need to stay aware.


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