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Bed Bugs are Here to Stay 


Bed bugs have made their way into the lives of many people.


Yet, the census is that most people don’t understand that bed bugs are here to stay.


Eventually, you will discover that they are becoming as common as the flea or a mosquito.


We all need to wake up and acknowledge, that anyone, at any time, can pick up a bed bug hitchhiker and bring it home.


Now, some people believe that if they keep a clean home that they will never get bed bugs.


Others think that because they live in a more affluent neighborhood they too are immune.


It really doesn’t matter who you are; if you are not paying attention, even the most affluent can suffer a bed bug infestation.


Treatment Affordability


If you know about bed bugs and learn there risks and signs, you’ll be so much better off.


Just ignore them and call a pest control company for servicing and you will know why.


The cost for bed bug control can well exceed a months salary.


Chemical treatments will cost you anywhere from .50 a square foot on up and  (chemicals don’t kill eggs and normally require several treatments).


If you opt for a heat treatment, that will run you between $1.00 to $2.50 a square foot. (Again, depending upon where you live – it could even be more).


So, if you have a large home of let’s say 2,000 sq. ft. or better you will be writing a check for $2,000+ for a single heat treatment.


And there is no guarantee that you won’t reintroduce bed bugs the very next week.


Cluttered homes can cost even more.


Bed bugs are not for just some people to learn about, but for everyone.


And I think that sums up about 7.5 billion people worldwide.


Where Bed Bugs Are Found


As fast as bed bugs are spreading, the likelihood of running across one has grown exponentially, just like the bed bugs have.


At one time, it was believed that bed bugs were only found in hotels and by those who travel.


They are now being found in any environment of high populations.


(Work, call centers, meeting rooms, churches, schools, doctors’ offices, hospitals, stores, transportation vehicles and more)


You can even go to your favorite restaurant and sit in a booth and pick one up.


Senior care facilities and pre-schools are getting them.


Because more people are getting them and failing at self-treatments, they are spreading like wildfire.


And while it may be true, people still don’t pay attention when they get home.


Finding Bed Bugs Early


The best way to avoid having to pay for an “infested” premises, is to do regular inspections before an infestation can build.


Those who do this have a huge advantage over those who don’t.


Removing a couple of bed bugs can be done using a vacuum and steamer.


But if you don’t understand what you’re doing it’s best to hire a professional.


Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs in Your Home


With such busy lives, it isn’t always the first thing on your mind when you get home, especially if you have school age children.


However, here are some pointers to be aware of before you enter your car or home:


  • Before getting into your car, make sure you don’t have bed bugs on an item you’re wearing or carrying.
  • You might also want to bring a change of clothing if you work in homecare or areas of high traffic.
  • Upon returning home, run clothing, jackets, coats, scarves, gloves, hats, empty backpacks, in a hot dryer for 35-40 minutes.
  • When out and about, bring along extra plastic self-sealing bags to place items in for protection.
  • Never just walk in and lay items on a couch or easy chair.


A little bit of vigilance goes a long way when it comes to bed bugs.


If You Suspect Bed Bugs


Don’t run to the store and buy bed bug products!


You don’t know what you are doing and bed bug treatment is different from other bugs.


Bed Bugs are displaying Resistance to Pesticides.


And, chemicals do not destroy the eggs!


You might end up spreading them further and creating a poison environment.


We suggest reaching out to the Bed Bug Hotline and ask questions first.


They even offer Bed Bugs Uncensored as educational reading materials before you attempt any treatment yourself.


Just fill out the form on their front page and they will send you important information to help you make good decisions with bed bugs.


We Can Help You Find Them


Many times, people call saying they “think” they might have bed bugs.


If you, or someone in your home is being bitten, this is the best time to find out if you do have them.


Not always can you find them in their early introduction stages because they are so good at hiding.


Don’t panic, we are here to help.


This is when our dogs will find what humans can’t.


For many years, we’ve been providing inspection service to many that are experiencing bites but have found nothing as the cause.


We can even help you find a reputable and experienced bed bug pest control company near you.


This provides Peace of Mind, so you and your family can sleep better at night.


Tune in to our blogs often. We are always here to educate you and help keep your living  environment free of bed bugs.


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