Yesterday, Nicki demonstrated a bed bug search in front of ~100 Pest Control Operators (PCOs), vendors and instructors in Sturbridge.
As always, Nicki performed perfectly.  She loves people and at first as she came into the room, she wanted to smell everyone’s feet and socialize, but her handler brought her back to perform her job.  And she obeyed dutifully and happily.  I wish I had taken a picture.
She jumped up and skipped, with her long beagle ears flapping in the air and she alerted to all those places that had vials of bed bugs hidden.
As Nicki performed, I heard pleasant comments from the crowd about Nicki.
We received a lot of pertinent questions from the PCOs and the instructor, Kevin Moran, renowned board-certified entomologist, who is well versed on the subject of bed bugs and introduced our company to the crowd.
Nicki received a round of applause at the conclusion of her inspection.
Good job, Nicki!
Thank you, Central Mass Pest Management Association for inviting us to conduct a demo with our bed bug beagles.  Special thanks go to Brian White from Protech Pest Control and Geoffrey Ford from Ford’s Hometown Services