‘Tis supposed to be the slow season for bed bug activity here in the Northeast during the winter months.
Not for Nicki & Malamar, our bed bug dog beagles.  (#bedbugdog) Very busy indeed and being called upon to do their due bed bug inspection diligence of: a hotel in Providence, RI; a facility in Sheffield, MA; a school in Central Massachusetts and several residences in Boston suburbs area and Manchester, NH.
And we got a call from a treatment center for children and adults that are challenged by autism.  They have had to deal with recurring bed bug infestations over the past 2 years.
They would like our dogs to inspect this particular room which keeps getting repeatedly infested with bed bugs. They suspect an elusive colony of bed bugs to hide behind the walls. They recently had a guest sleep in this room after a vacancy of 6 months and the guest woke up with bites. (#bedbugbites)
They are pretty sure that the bugs they caught are bedbugs, but they sent them anyway to a lab in Boston for proper identification.  This is the right approach as they don’t want to waste time, money and effort treating for the wrong insect.  And every insect requires a different treatment approach.

No-one is exempt from a bed bug infestation and if not nipped in the bud, a bed bug infestation can result in a hard-to-control endeavor.

If in doubt, call our beagles:  Prevention is the most cost-effective and expedient way to deal with bedbugs.  And Peace of Mind is priceless.